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Let the weight of the world melt away during our signature Spa Facial.

Your skin will thank you for the deep cleanse and enzyme peel and your body and mind will thank you for taking the time to completely unwind. Each step of this customized facial is tailored specifically to you and your skincare goals. 


Ideal for most skin types 

60 mins | $99


Indulge yourself in a 90 minute

well deserved mini-vacation.

Step away from the world while we transform your skin while you enjoy the ultimate relaxation.

Take our Spa Facial and take it to the next level with microdermabrasion, extended massage, and an additional mask to give you smooth, glowing skin.


Ideal for most skin types 

90 mins | $145



The ultimate pick me up for smoother, brighter, more hydrated, glowing skin

Hydrodermabrasion is the latest innovation in exfoliation technology. It combines diamond tipped microdermabrasion with the ability to to incorporate the use of serums to target and treat specific areas of concern. It includes both chemical and physical infusion to treat fine lines and wrinkles, dull, congested skin, enlarged pores, textured skin, and discoloration.

65 mins | $150


Fight the signs of aging with a 

light chemical peel

Gently and effectively exfoliate the skin using a light chemical peel to hydrate, brighten, even skin tone and treat acne. Using Lactic Acid and/or Salicylic Acid, we’ll rejuvenate and refresh your skin.


No downtime, makeup may not be worn

following the peel

60 mins | $110


Effectively remove buildup while reducing bacteria and acne lesions.

Specifically for oil and acneic skin, Cocoa Enzyme is used to gently exfoliate, nourish, protect, and boost skin healing. Clay based Green Tea Mask is designed to pull up impurities, remove buildup, and detoxify the skin while delivering powerful healing antioxidants resulting in clearer, invigorated skin.

Ideal for acneic skin

70 mins | $120


Relax and let us revitalize your skin using a diamond encrusted tip.

Using a diamond encrusted tip, it removes outer layers of skin, diminishes sun damage, pigmentation, blackheads and whiteheads, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and rough skin texture. Highly effective exfoliation done with a diamond encrusted tip to reveal smoother, fresher skin.

Ideal for most skin types  

​60 mins | $110

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